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Newnan Windshield Replacement & Repair

The windshield in your automobile is vital in protecting you and providing convenience to everyone else inside the vehicle, which makes remembering its integrity vital. It doesn't matter how long you've owned your vehicle: there is always potential damage from natural disasters or human events waiting right around the corner. Small pebbles flying off of a tractor-trailer is one prominent example of how damage can appear out of nowhere. Windshields can also be damaged through hail and other forms of inclement weather. The cause of the damage, however, is not nearly as important as the repair process.

Many people in Newnan, Ga believe that they can get by for weeks or months without having the needed repairs or replacement job performed on their windshield, which is bad advice. Even if you manage to get through that period without any new damage or injury occurring, that is just luck and not skill or expertise. Nobody can predict the moment at which a windshield turns into a life-saving protection mechanism; a destroyed or damaged windshield can't function properly in that regard. Below, we'll outline why your windshield must be repaired today if you want to be safe on the road, have extra money and be sensible about automotive care.

Waiting To Repair Your Windshield Will Cost You

All too many people don't want to waste time having a small amount of damage repaired – until they find out that the average auto glass repair job costs three hundred dollars less than an auto glass windshield replacement job. When a small piece of damage is left untreated, it is very likely to spread and will almost certainly result in needing a windshield replacement. Bumps in the road, for instance, can quickly cause a small chip or crack to suddenly spread out and become much more difficult to handle. By acting soon, you help minimize the likelihood of the damage being so great that it cannot be repaired. Who doesn't want to save money?

Insurance Covers Repairs

When your windshield has suffered some form of damage, it is likely that your existing auto insurance policy will cover the repairs in full. Unfortunately, most auto insurance policies do not cover in full any replacements needed for a windshield or window glass, so waiting makes absolutely no sense if you have insurance. Usually, these repairs can be handled in as little as a half-hour, which means you won't be losing valuable hours of your life waiting. By having the damage repaired now, you can ensure that the insurance you already pay for covers the repairs, which will save you time and money in the future.

Your Safety Is Important

If you are familiar with the structural processes of a vehicle, then you already know that half of your car's rollover strength is provided from the windshield being properly installed and functioning. Most people do not actually know this, but the roof of an automobile is supported mainly through a properly-fitted windshield. Sometimes we underestimate the severity of things, and fail to grasp how dangerous a small crack can be for our safety in the car in the worst of circumstances. In the event of a roll-over, an improperly functioning windshield can crack and the roof can crumble in an instant. This reason by itself should be enough to convince you to act, but just in case it isn't, we have a couple more benefits to acting on a repair today.

Other Types of Glass Damage

If the crack has already been working its way deeper and deeper into your windshield, then you may already be witnessing various forms of weather inside the car. Any forms of precipitation like rain, ice, hail and snow can work their way through the cracks and into your car. When you are not there, your car may be slowly experiencing mildew and rust from leaky windshields. Depending on the seasons, the weather and temperatures can fluctuate, which can cause the glass to weaken more rapidly and allow even more precipitation inside. Without a covered space under which to park, your car is vulnerable to these conditions on a consistent basis while damaged.

Environmental Concerns

Did you know that glass can be recycled when it's removed from your automobile? While a solid piece of auto glass that can be repaired will help keep waste out of landfills, a replacement windshield is not as efficient. It takes energy and resources to build a new windshield out of raw materials, so a repair can eliminate this and save on waste in the form of broken glass that ultimately cannot be salvaged in a replacement job. It really is a no-brainer: having a windshield repair job done early can save you money, time and can also help save the environment.


For those who want to avoid paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket, who want to help the environment, who want total safety in their automobiles and who generally have common sense, it is obvious that your windshield should be repaired at the first sight of damage. Your bottom life, your safety and the long-term performance of your vehicle are all at risk, so acting today makes sense from any and all perspectives. Anyone who takes a different approach to this matter will most likely lose money, time or maybe even their lives.

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