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My Windshield – Should I Repair Or Replace
In Dunwoody, GA

Windshield Replacement Dunwoody
Although it doesn't happen often, your vehicle's windshield can get broken in various degrees. In some cases, that same windshield can be broken to the point of requiring a major repair. When you suddenly arrive in the market for treating your broken and/or damaged windshield, it can get tense fast. To start, most vehicle owners are caught between deciding to have their windshield repair or even completely replaced.

There are many factors that keep people from completely replacing their windshield, just as there are many factors that keep people from having that same windshield merely repaired. For people of Dunwoody, GA, that choice can be a difficult choice to make. In this short article, we're going to review some options that you should consider before having your windshield completely repaired or replaced.

Repair versus replace – which works best?

Windshield Repair Dunwoody, GA

Choosing to repair your windshield will set you back a lot less than completely replacing it will. It's important to get your windshield repaired as soon as possible, since cracks and chips on its surface can actually impede your field of vision when driving. Nowadays, having a mere crack or chip on your windshield doesn't mean you have to get it completely replaced.

Modern windshield technology now makes it possible for auto repair technicians to repair any type of windshield. In fact, many technicians can repair most quarter-sized chips and some can repair cracks that reach up to 3-4 inches long.

Windshield Replacement Dunwoody, GA

Windshields with damage that measures more than the aforementioned do require replacement. It's not safe for drivers to travel with that type of damage embedded in their windshield, as it can and will impede their line of sight when driving.

Replacement is also the only option in cases where the windshield can't be repaired at all. This usually happens when it suffers damage that essentially makes it unrecoverable. Windshield replacement naturally costs more than repairing, though many auto insurance companies do provide coverage options for that particular maintenance-related work.

To Repair Or Replace?

Should you repair or should you replace? Ultimately, repairing or replacing your windshield depends on the condition of your windshield. If you just have small or relatively minor damage smaller than the size of a quarter, repair is your best option. Bigger damage naturally makes it necessary for you to get a total replacement.

No matter what option you choose, getting your windshield back in top condition is something that should be important to drivers in Dunwoody, GA and the rest of the Metro Atlanta area.

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