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My Windshield Is Chipped!  What Should I Do?

By Simon Carter

A chip or crack in your windshield can easily be repaired if the total area that has been damaged is still currently smaller than the size of quarter. This way you will defend your windshield against any additional cracks from spreading across the rest of the windshield.

There are basically a couple of alternatives:

Expert Windshield Repair

While not nearly as cost effective as doing it yourself, a windshield repair professional will save you time and maybe money as well in the long run. There are numerous DIY windshield repair kits that are readily available to consumers, however most utilize sub standard resins which tend to not provide a uniform and professional appearance. For the most part, a windshield repair which is completed by a skilled technician will normally run you under $70 and will usually barely be noticeable. Various minor details, that need to be taken care of, may arise in an auto glass repair and can be the source of much grief for the do-it-yourselfer. In addition to this, the majority of auto glass shops will guarantee their technician's repairs against the damage from developing any further, which is a significant benefit. Auto Glass Atlanta provides a warranty with each repair that we perform. We guarantee the damage not to spread any further or we will take the cost of the repair or windshield replacement. Be sure to ask the our representative on the phone if you need more information on our warranty.

DIY Windshield Repair Kits

To most people perhaps it will seem a little foolish, but the truth is you might be confident enough to fix your current windshield on your own. Plenty of nearby automotive parts retailers stock DIY windshield repair kits which classified as single use applications. These types of products are typically straight forward are not able to deliver professional unless it is the perfect break. The biggest drawback to this is in the event you make an attempt to repair your windshield and it does not work properly, a professional windshield repair specialist is not going to be capable of repairing the affected area once the resin has previously been administered. This could certainly turn out to be quite a bit more costly when you have to shell out the money for a total windshield replacement. Auto Glass Atlanta obviously does not recommend that you take on this task yourself. Our expertly trained rock chip repair technicians are much more qualified for the task and at only $69 for the repair, it shouldn't be a hard decision. Call us today for a fast and friendly solution to your cracked windshield.

Testimonials / What Our Customers Say

Auto Glass Atlanta Reviews

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  • The new windshield looks great. During a recent relocation to Atlanta from Memphis I picked up a stone chip from the truck in front of me that appeared to crack across the glass instantaneously. Your tech appeared to be experienced and was genuinely friendly. In this day and age that is certainly a trait that is becoming more and more difficult to come across. Much appreciation for the outstanding service and a job well done.
    S. Whitmire, Atlanta
  • The bad weather yesterday knocked down a limb that totally ruined my windshield to the point that it was undriveable. I didn't know exactly what to do or how to go about having it repaired, but the truth is you all really helped me out of a tight spot. The guy you sent out was really good at what he does and I just felt like I needed to shoot you a quick email to tell you how much I appreciate the same day replacement. I was really anticipating to be without a car for a couple of days, but that wasn't the case. I have already recommended you to a couple people and Google +'d your page. Hope that helps you guys out. :-)
    F. Hixson, North Decatur
  • Just bought a truck last week and didn't notice a small crack in the front windshield. I called Auto Glass Atlanta and was quoted a much lower price than the other 4 places I called. The installer that came out to the house was very pleasant to deal with and explained the whole process step by step. Quite reassuring any time someone is able to do that. I am going to keep the telephone number and give y'all a call next time too.
    J. McGrady, Norcross
  • The little crack in my glass disappeared! You have no idea how grateful I am that you could send someone out to my office last week to do a windshield repair on my car. Justin showed up when he said he would and had the crack filled in less than 20 minutes. A really great guy by the way. It looks even better than I thought it would. I'll definitely be hanging on to your number, thanks.
    C. Langford, Tucker
  • With all the recent storms this spring I was lucky enough to have hail bust my windshield. Yay! Lucky Me! I called a few places to try to find a replacement, but everybody wanted to put me off until next week. Your shop was the only one that said you could have it in the next day. I know how chaotic it must have been with that much glass damage around town. Thanks for fitting me in so soon.
    M. Watson, Ellenwood
  • You guys are awesome! One of my employees slung a rock into a car window while weedeating. Having used you all before in a similar situation I figured you could take care of it without a hitch and I was right. Once again you showed up the same day and fixed the problem for me. I guess I might need to add your number to speed dial. Thanks for making my customer happy.
    P. Allen, Atlanta
  • I was a little skeptical at first when your price was $40-50 less than the other guys, but went ahead and tried you out. I am not disappointed in the least bit. I can't see what that extra money would have gotten me that your technician didn't deliver. The windshield looks great and he was very courteous and polite. You saved me some money and showed me how easy a windshield replacement can be.
    M. Brown, East Point
  • Excellent service at a great price. You can't even tell the back glass was ever broken. I wasn't expecting the installer to clean up all the glass, but that is a big bonus. Great job guys!
    N. Patterson, Atlanta

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